Ink Busters is Las Vegas’ premier choice for laser tattoo removal

We are tattoo lovers who, just like you, have experienced the undesirable feeling of seeing a daily reminder of something you no longer identify with. After being on the receiving end of laser treatments due to personal tattoo regret, our founder built Ink Busters. Not only did he want to help others erase their unwanted tattoos, he also wanted to give people their confidence back.

Ink Busters is a judgment-free laser clinic. No matter your reason for seeking laser tattoo removal, we want to help. We pride ourselves in great customer service and high patient satisfaction. Our main goal is making sure each client that walks through our doors feels safe, comfortable, and happy with their treatment experience.

It also goes without saying that great results are the essence of Ink Busters, and the foundation of great results is great technology. At ink Busters, we invest in industry-leading laser technology to ensure our clients receive the safest treatments and unparalleled results. Our Astanza Duality is widely trusted by leading laser practitioners, physicians, medical spas, and tattoo shops worldwide.

Last but surely not least, we have a team of highly trained, skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering safe treatments and excellent removal results. Our laser practitioners earned the designations of Certified Laser Specialist and Laser Safety Officer and customize laser protocols for each customer to ensure the best outcome for their tattoo and skin type.

In addition to complete tattoo removal, Ink Busters provides selective tattoo removal and fading for cover-ups. We are conveniently located inside of a tattoo shop and can help connect you with a talented cover-up tattoo artist, just as your laser technician! For all your tattoo removal and tattoo modification needs, contact Ink Busters today and schedule a free consultation.

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